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wallpapers 5 WallPapers for the Summer 2019 canva photo editor 58 6

5 WallPapers for the Summer 2019

wallpapers 5 WallPapers for the Summer 2019 40bdf893 27f1 4ad0 9ac3 96c9ecb47305 2Summer is coming! It is time to refresh the wallpapers of your apartment or of your house to adapt them to the last trends. New shapes, new colors, new concepts, there are options for every taste. I invite you in this article to discover 5 patterns that attracted our attention and that will inspire for sure the summer renovation of your accommodation.


wallpapers 5 WallPapers for the Summer 2019 canva photo editor 58 2

“Museum of Extinct Species”, here is the name was given to the new creation of the Dutch brand MOOOI, that was presented for the first time at the Salone Del Mobile of Milan. The concept is to represent 10 species of extinguished animals on a black and vegetalised background. By moving our eyes from one side to the other of the wallpapers, the spectator can see a dodo or a dwarf rhinoceros. The collection is in partnership with the brand Arte and is composed of carpet and fabrics.



wallpapers 5 WallPapers for the Summer 2019 CASAMANCE SANKARA1

Casamance couldn’t escape this top. The 20 years old brand was always on the top of the last trends. For this new collection Spring/Summer 2019, the brand decided to make a tribute. Haute Couture, Architecture or Nature, the brand had always been inspired by the world around her. As a conclusion of that inspiration, Casamance created the SANKARA collection full of colors painted with a lot of dynamic and geometrical pattern. The collection is breathing movement and show off a kind of African inspiration that will give a warm side to every interior.

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wallpapers 5 WallPapers for the Summer 2019 canva photo editor 58 3

At Nobilis, it generally has for every taste. Colors, patterns, classic styles, original styles, natural or contemporary. Therefore, between the Gatsby, Opalines and other Narcisse, here is the collection kindly named “Sur un Arbre Perché”. The cause? A tornado of colors, vegetation and animals are mixing up in every sense literally giving the impression to have landed on the canopé. Once again, we can see that the edition houses run on the topic of nature and materialized it in pieces of art.

Jean-Paul Gautier

wallpapers 5 WallPapers for the Summer 2019 canva photo editor 58 4

Jean-Paul Gautier is the master of the extravagant French couture. Lelièvre, is the master of wallpapers and fabrics full of originality. Wasn’t it obvious that they reunite one day in creation to give birth to “A Perfect World”? One of that creation is called Abysse and make us drown on the deep seabed to discover unusual creatures such as Medusa and other corals. The result is fresh and really psychedelic, we almost feel trapped in the middle of all those creatures.


wallpapers 5 WallPapers for the Summer 2019 canva photo editor 58 5

At  Rug’Society it is graphics or nothing. The Portuguese rug brand developpe a concept that isn’t that new and that consist of presenting your rug as a piece of art on the walls. What for? In the past, carpets were fixed to the walls to avoid cold to get inside the castle and acted as artistic isolation. Rug’Society reinvented the concept and propose graphic patterns full of colors that will give a pop punch to every interior.

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