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The most stunning chairs to be obessed with

“I think it’s really important to design things with a kind of personality.” – Marc Newson

Design bring us the mix of beauty and creative items. To understand it we just need to let our imagination work.

We love design and iconic pieces, so sharing this stunning chairs it’s simply a pleasure.

Seven Lounge Chair – Michiel van der Kley

“The armchair and sofa designed by Michiel van der Kley can be used as contract seating and the simple design is excellent in lobbies, lounges etc. The stitching echoes the round shape of the inside part of the back. With these subtle details in upholstery and with a nicely finished foot, the design reaches a certain level of elegance. The lounge chair and sofa have a metal frame, are upholstered with foam and spring construction. This makes the furniture soft and comfortable.”

Namib ArmchairBrabbu

“Namib Desert was the inspiration for NAMIB armchair: its distinguish attributes combine the struggle between the Atlantic waters and the desert sands. This invigorating, balanced and curved armchair is the master creation of powerful forces, where wood and satin cotton help to convey our mind to sublime a feeling of being embraced by a classic.”

Nessa chairByKokket

“Daring design aesthetic, high impact shows, lavish presentations and the notoriously risqué ad campaigns, have an uncanny way of conveying KOKET’s mission which is to create highly desirable empowering statement pieces. ”

PP Tube Chair by Tom Price

“The PP Tube #1 Meltdown Chair is created by heating and pressing a seat-shaped former into a stack of common plumbing tubes. The ends of the tubes melt and fuse together as they come into contact with the heated former leaving a pattern of irregular holes on the surface of the molded seat. These are produced in a limited edition of 12 in white, and 8 in black. This second version of the PP Tube Chair tests the strength of the material and process by greatly reducing the amount of tube used.”


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