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Rug´s Design

Top 5 Rug´s Design setting trends this year

Rug´s Design is setting trends this year and it is a topic on the spot these days. Special elements as Rugs are becoming important for the Interior Design World, year after year, details matter even more. These pieces can be more than a useful item, it can transform an ambiance and make us feel like we are in a Gallery. Rugs can also be pieces of art!

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1. Abstract forms and cultural references – Rug´s Design

The abstract design is so popular right now that we can see it everywhere and under many forms, from sculptures or in interior decor projects. More than an icon this trend is playing a permanent role at the Design World.

In interior design one of the easiest ways to incorporate this trend in a room or project is to use trending and delicate Rugs.

Inkaholic Rug 
Rug´s Design

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This Rug is the Inkaholic Rug, a new product from Rug´Society and it was inspired by anthropological elements expressed by abstract lines. It is a tribute for all people wanting to express art and print it in their own skin in Tattoos.



Black Ink Rug

Rug´s Design

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This Rug is the perfect option to recreate a mysterious ambiance in every room.


2.  Sparkling Colors – Rug´s Design

These colorful and elegant Rugs are becoming a trend! Every cool environment has a playful Rug inside. This mix and match of colors painted in a beautiful Rug make the statement we may need to have a confident and happy ambiance.

Terrazo Rug

Rug´s Design

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Rug´Society is a Portuguese brand that makes handcrafted Rugs! They have a full collection with Rug´s Design.


3. Geometric forms into beautiful rugs – Rug´s Design

Geometric forms in Interior Decor is not new, it has been here for a while. However, this beautiful rug has given to that trend a new meaning. Today is not just about being trendy, is also, about history and culture expressed into our interiors.

Oscar Rug

Rug´s Design

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These colors bring back dreamy moods into Interior Design Trends.

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4. Natural elements – Rug´s Design

Natural elements have gained a different level of recognition in the Interior Design World. Design with references to nature is a winning option, as it is a Biophilic design.

Heron RugRug´s Design
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5. Bold Design – Rug´s Design

Bold design is exactly what certain ambiances need to make the desired impact, right?

So, we want to share these beautiful rugs we have spotted at this Portuguese brand, they are amazing and you can personalize colors and textures.


Mermaid Rug

Rug´s Design

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Valencia Rug

Rug´s Design

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These are some of the most beautiful and playful rugs we have seen in a while. They can easily be transformed into pieces of art and used as paintings in Walls of great projects around the world.

Actually it has been made already!


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