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5 Products Designed For Pokemon Go

Just two weeks after the release of mobile game Pokemon GO, designers have created an array of products aimed at making it easier for players to “catch ’em all”. So that today in Decor & Style we give you the 5 Products Designed For Pokémon GO!

1. Pokémon GO Plus wristband

Since the game was released, reports have emerged of people causing traffic accidents to catch rare species and injuring themselves while focused on their phones rather than the surroundings.

Nintendo’s portable Pokémon GO Plus device could help prevent such situations, as it notifies the player about events in the game without them having to look at their smartphone.

The wristband – which was released by Nintendo to coincide with the app’s launch – connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and uses an LED and vibration to let the user know when a Pokémon appears nearby. Players can also then catch Pokémon or perform other simple actions by pressing the button on the device.

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