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Mugler | Resort 2013 Mugler | Resort 2013 MUGLER RESORT 2013 600x806  home MUGLER RESORT 2013 600x806
Mugler | Resort 2013

Since Nicola Formichetti and Sébastien Peigné took over at Mugler last year, their runway shows have been strictly high-concept. Emphasizing the sales-floor viability of their aesthetic hasn’t been the priority. You also have garner…

5 Ways to Pimp Your Living Room  5 Ways to Pimp Your Living Room  delightfull amy 01  home delightfull amy 01
5 Ways to Pimp Your Living Room

These design trends are heading to a tastefully-decorated apartment near you.   Launched in 1961 to focus on high-end Italian products, the Milan Furniture Fair is now the highpoint of the design…

Google London Google London Office google Roof Garden2  home google Roof Garden2
Google London Office

Okay London, it took a lot of restraint from us to not cover you during Olympics but we are not going to miss this, the shiny new Google London Super HQ, designed by…


The Klippen Klappen Desk by Gregor Korolewic is a combination of traditional mechanics and modern-day functionality. Aside from the storage of desktop accessories, the desk also includes a power-supply hub for electronic peripherals. Inspired by traditional sewing…

LOFT BY MAXIM ZHUKOV LOFT BY MAXIM ZHUKOV Industrial Bachelors Loft by Maxim Zhukov 5  home Industrial Bachelors Loft by Maxim Zhukov 5

What’s a single guy’s place without some industrial decor, concrete, giant casters and road signs? This funky bachelor pad by Maxim Zhukov is a well appointed little space for a man who’s not tied…

A superyacht owner’s guide to Sardinia A superyacht owner’s guide to Sardinia yacht sardinia6  home yacht sardinia6
A superyacht owner’s guide to Sardinia

Sitting with Sir Donald Gosling at Leander House watching the Thames flow past is the perfect spot to reminisce with this experienced owner about where he loves to go cruising. He has…

Alexa Chung | working on her own fashion label

 The 28-year-old, Alexa Chung who has already designed a popular collection for US label Madewell, told the latest issue of Numero magazine that she has “nothing to lose” by starting her own line. See…

NO Piracy | Mirco Pagano NO Piracy | Mirco Pagano e0773c9d83567b44998c6f1a50e64ff0  home e0773c9d83567b44998c6f1a50e64ff0
NO Piracy | Mirco Pagano

  This adverstising was about the Piracy  in the musical industry,  trying to alert against that problem “We see Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley, James Brown, Freddie Mercury and…

Best of Olympics 2012 | London Best of Olympics 2012 | London olympic synchro le 2302141k  home olympic synchro le 2302141k
Best of Olympics 2012 | London

The games ended. But their memories are forever recorded by the objective of the hundreds of photographers that followed the games. Passing through various sports, they all showed their determination and will to win.…

Interior Design | Courtyards Interior Design | Courtyards 9 Patio Courtyard2  home 9 Patio Courtyard2
Interior Design | Courtyards

A courtyard, by definition, is an open space surrounded by walls, within a building. It is quite a unique spot if you think about it – one that has the airy open…