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Outstanding Lighting Decor Ideas

Outstanding Lighting Decor Ideas

Outstanding Lighting Decor Ideas is a theme with so much to explore. We can start to introduce some awesome brands we have seen around the web lately. This season shows and fairs were postponed but there is no need to stop stimulating creativity and sharing ideas with one another.

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1. It´s all about suspension lighting – Outstanding Lighting Decor Ideas

Suspension lighting is a fundamental element to give an extra touch of maximalism to any room or division. If you are looking to let people astonished by Interior design this is it, suspension lighting at its best.

Saki – Suspension Lights from Brabbuget priceOutstanding Lighting Decor Ideas

This lamp is a tribute to the Sakishimi Islands recreating and warm ambiance with an exotic touch.

Vellum – Suspension Light from Brabbu
Outstanding Lighting Decor Ideas
get the price

Vellum is also a tribute to our ancestors. Many, many years ago people used to write their messages in manuscripts. This beautiful lamp has its form inspired by that ancient form of communication.


2. Wall Lights for your home – Outstanding Lighting Decor Ideas

Wall lights are an old way of illuminating a space. In modern times this kind of lamps of meaning far beyond the useful purpose. We use it to express emotions and give a certain room the mood we want to imprint. That´s an amazing form of creating outstanding decor.

Phong Wall Light

Outstanding Lighting Decor Ideas

get the price

These lamps recreate the perfect vibe for a division to receive guests or even to place your readings into order. Also, they are impressive pieces that look like pure art.

Naicca Wall Lightingget the priceOutstanding Lighting Decor Ideas


3. Bold and elegant Floor Lighting to brighten up the living room

The living room is the best one of the best divisions to bet on with some amazing lighting solutions. You can brighten up a place just by adding the perfect detail. Can we ask for more?

Cypres Floor Lighting

Outstanding Lighting Decor Ideas

get the price

This Floor lamp gives an extra glamour to any room, the ornament is able to make a living room pop to the spotlight in any project. We are enchanted with this ambiance. Truly amazing.

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