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News from Brabbu

News from Brabbu: a fierce and intense design

News from Brabbu: new products arrived with a fierce and intense design. The brand of high-end furniture that creates pieces for an intense way of living has some news and we want to share that with you!

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1. Agra Collection has a new item – News from Brabbu

Agra Collection is known for its power and impact in any room. Brabbu has launched a new item from this collection of high-end pieces of furniture. We are talking about Agra III that we are displaying below.

This beautiful collection was created to celebrate one of the famous monuments in the entire world: the Taj Mahal and this new item, just like, this mausoleum is an impressive display of craftsmanship.


News from Brabbu

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One more time this piece embraces natural elements and cultural references. A brand that makes craftsmanship items with high-end quality and the elegance needed to make a statement in any room or project. A brand that inspires an intense way of living.



2. Shapes and curves is a new trend – News from Brabbu

Shapes and curved lines in the furniture are a new trend and for sure, Brabbu couldn´t stay behind. Walles II sofa is a new product from this amazing brand. This piece is a tribute to Wales, The “Land of Castles”; upholstered in cotton velvet shows a beautiful form.

The perfect fit for any modern or contemporary living room!

Walles II Sofa
News from Brabbu
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3. Wales Collection keeps up with good news

Wales collection introduces to us a new item, the Wales Bed. This item was created with the Land of Castles in mind and it´s a tribute to this wonderful place. The piece is upholstered in velvet and incorporates a determinant elegance.


Wales Bed
News from Brabbu
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4. Gaia is the new dining chair – News from Brabbu

Gaia is the new dining chair and it is a celebration of Mother Earth. GAIA means in Greek mythology the Earth personification, the mother of all things. This beautiful design is a delicate and elegant solution for any dining room.

Gaia – Dining ChairNews from Brabbuget the price


5. Bryce I – The Modern Console from Brabbu

This bold design is a commemoration of the giant natural amphitheater caused by erosion through the Paunsaugnt Plateau. The product placement is so diverse that we will live it to your imagination.

On our side, we have spotted it in entryways and we can assure that looks amazing!

Bryce I Modern ConsoleNews from Brabbu
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This was our pick from a bigger range of new products launched by this amazing, bold, and yet, elegant brand. If you are curious to see more products please go here.

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