Zaha Hadid The new Hoxton Square by Zaha Hadid Zaha hadid capa

The new Hoxton Square by Zaha Hadid

The new Hoxton Square by Zaha Hadid, but first, How was Zaha Hadid ? Born on 31 October 1950, she died last month, shockingly and much too soon, aged 65. Had she, however, barely reached half that age, she would still have a place in architectural history. In 1982-3 she produced her competition-winning designs for the Peak, a leisure club in Hong Kong, with a project of breathtaking confidence, daring and individuality. It was a series of angular planes, without visible means of support, which translated the geology of the mountain on which they were sited into seemingly airborne geometry. They were represented with drawings and paintings which were themselves mesmerising, and made the congested city, the landscape and her proposal into a single dynamic, semi-abstract composition. The young architect (not indeed quite an architect, as she hadn’t completed her professional qualifications) had created an extraordinary consistency and originality of intent, design and representation. Decor and Style will show you some work by Zaha Hadid.


Zaha Hadid The new Hoxton Square by Zaha Hadid dl heritage 750

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