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Modern Living Room Sets

If you could only choose one room in your home to put your heart and soul into designing, the living room would top the list. It’s that treasured (and often off-limits) space that sets the tone for your entire decorating styleDecor and Style decide to make a list of the living room sets published in the magazine Elle Decor that, for their style and incredible interior design, really deserve to win an Oscar.

This living rooms are full of style, a perfect combination of luxury furniture and an incredible decorative taste. They are the perfect interior design inspiration ideas to improve your style at home.


So, let’s take a look at the nominees:


A mid century modern living room with a modern console table, a wood coffee table and a folding screen, in a neutral color palette like grey, brown and white as the main colors.

Modern Living Room Sets

You can say what is the furniture piece or decorative detail that make its statement in this living room. This is a mix of powerfull pieces, and that’s why this seems so magical. The gold cofffee table brings luxury while the wall with the pattern wallpaper is a edgy detail.

Modern Living Room Sets 1

An example of a classic living room set. The details in the coffee table and stools legs and the base of the table lamps have a very classy touch. And the sconce is incredible chic.

Modern Living Room Sets 2

Simple and modern. This living room don’t have a powerfull piece but the combination of the simplistic design furniture pieces makes it a great inspiration idea for anyone who are looking for a tasteful but minimalist decorating. The trick is in the colors appointement, like the orange chair.

Modern Living Room Sets 3

White, beige and brown are normally synonym of a minimalist living room. The furniture pieces has a simplistic design, but the decorative details, just like the flowers and the center piece in the coffee table, gives this living room a special touch.

Modern Living Room Sets 4

Why have a living room when you can have two in the same space? If you have a big space you can use this tip to create two different types of decorating. You can have a classic interior design in one of the spaces and a more modern one in the second. The round painting gives this space a joyful ambiance.

Modern Living Room Sets 5

Photos and paintings are always a great idea to decorate a white empty wall. And this set is the perfect example of how you don’t need a lot of furniture pieces to create a gorgeous living room set. A sofa, a side table and a chaise long can be enough.

Modern Living Room Sets 6

Beige is always a classic color. With this color you can create living room sets that make your guests’ chin drops. The important is the furniture you choose. And if you want to give a touch with a different color you can add some pillows with other colors and prints in your sofa.

Modern Living Room Sets 7

Luxury is the best word to describe this living room set. The mix of blue and the different color details are the best tip you can take from this ambiance. Also, the fireplace, with the print are absolutely amazing!

And as you can see, you can get your dream living room in a very simple way. Sometimes less is really more. And the best trick anyone can give you to get your perfect home decorating is to put your heart and soul in the decoration time and be faithful to your taste to choose the righ interior design style.


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