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Maison Valentina´s Virtual Tour

Maison Valentina´s Virtual Tour – The Maison Valentina House

Maison Valentina´s Virtual Tour is an immersive 360º design journey, so you can still delight with Maison Valentina wonders and updates. This year brought on us some episodes we weren´t expecting. That shouldn´t restrain us from keep doing what we love to do and enjoy the beauty in itself.

In order to be a step ahead of the curve and offer the best experience ever, Maison Valentina created a 360º Virtual Tour where clients can meet the team and see the brand designs as they actually were at a showroom or fair.


Showroom Tour – 360º

Maison Valentina´s Virtual Tour


You can book a virtual tour with the great team behind this lovely, bold brand. They can show you around and explain detail by detail each one of the pieces. They showcase amazing bathroom design furniture. Already curious?


The Maison Valentina House – Maison Valentina´s Virtual Tour

The Maison Valentina House will welcome you with a nice garden and an imponent door. On the other side, you will find a virtual showroom beautiful conceived to delight your senses. Can you imagine?

We can reveal a few things. The images are real and incorporated in the final design as they are, so you can enjoy and see each detail while you are relaxing in your home office. You will be able to perceive the pieces as you were in a real showroom (you can not touch it, but the team will make sure to describe each one of the pieces from Maison Valentina´s collection. So, definitely it will be almost the same!

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The symphony collection

Maison Valentina´s Virtual Tour



The Colosseum Mirror Maison Valentina´s Virtual Tour
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As soon as you get inside the house you will be celebrating design in its purest state. You will be welcomed with some of the most iconic pieces from the brand.




ATO Collection  – Maison Valentina´s Virtual Tour

During the journey, you will be able to see some of Maison Valentina´s best-sellers, as well as, some of the boldest pieces they have at the moment. Gold and black are always a good idea and definitely you will find it in an ambiance that spots the famous Newton Bathtub.

Also, you will be presented to the ATO collection, where you can see unique pieces you can adapt later into your designs. Simple and yet, astonishing pieces!

The Newton Collection

Maison Valentina´s Virtual Tour

The Newton Bathtub


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Hope you liked this awesome news as much as we do! You can keep up with us for more content like this and so much more.


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