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Find All The Inspiration On This Top 5 Interior Designers in the UK

The British design industry is seeing as a benchmark of success. Here is the list of Top 5 interior designers in the UK with varied approaches and styles. Regardless if you are looking for inspiration to a big and fancy project or a small revamping in your home its never been easier find good inspiration.

1. Beata Heuman

Beata is a Swedish-born, based in London who works for Nicky Haslam for nine years until 2013 when setting up on her on and started the Interior Design by BEATA HEUMAN. Her style has been improved and self-constituted for the past five years. Her studio is known for its playful and original work. Beata´s versatile design doesn´t stop only in breathtaking and habitable interiors but also creates furniture, textiles, and lighting. Interests include African tribal art and books on American pre-mid-century decorating.

Her projects are capable of integrated and fulfill all the spaces in an interior design project that makes her one of more complete designers at the actuality. Her style uses a lot of natural materials and a simple palette interleave with some tach of silky color and form.

2. Ben Pentreath

Ben Pentreath an architectural and interior designer with inheritance is in art history. In his office create a coltish style – that have a major inspire in equal measure from the English country style of the 1960s and 70s and from historical interiors of every period with a twist of a contemporary touch.

Ben designs combine the traditional with the modern combining bright color, pattern and classical minutia with fearless cosmopolitan and trend fabric and furniture.

3. Joanna Plan

Joanna plant creates soothing and gorgeous interiors rich in a variety of warm color and texture in her studio based in London. Her composing a style full of light, sparkly and silvery things, mixing old and new. In her office the Joanna Plant Interiors she works with her husband Nick, a furniture maker and a veteran of the London antique trade.

Joanna prioritizing practicality and quality creating individual and cozy homes by work with a dedicated team of craftsmen and suppliers that concur a long and loyal client base.

4. Salvesen Graham

Salvesen Graham was founded in 2013 by Nicole Salvesen and Mary Graham. Both combines had more than 20 years of experience in interior design practice. The office is specializing in classic interiors with a modern twist. Each house is unique for the double that offers a comprehensive service prioritizing the client brief regardless of the idea of “house style”.

They use contemporary pieces with emplacement of antique artifacts to accomplish sophisticated and beautiful interiors for their clients.

5. Studio Duggan

Studio Duggan was founded by Tiffany Duggan in 2011 and gain credibility of distinctive and well-considered interiors design for high-end and boutique commercial projects. Tiffany´s background in set design interiors helped to create a strong and solid desirable reputation for its highly crafted and dynamic projects, complemented by a comprehensive and personal interior design service.

With an emphasis on form, color, texture, scale and an expertly curated mix of old and new, projects are approached holistically and underpinned with total respect for the client’s brief.

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