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Christmas Decorating Trends

Christmas Decorating Trends for 2020 – what´s up this year

Christmas Decorating Trends for this year are coming out. 2020 is a rare, different year from what everyone was expecting on the 1st day of January. It had its changes just not for design but for many other areas too. All we have to do is listen and observe all kinds of inputs, for the last act accordingly. Christmas Decorating Trends is a famous topic and we were very curious about what will bring us this time. Are you?

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Christmas Decorating Trends


The balance between maximalism and minimalism – Christmas Decorating Trends

Like this year, in decorating trends for Christmas, nothing is black in white. One of the new trends coming along is the need to embrace maximalism and minimalism in a perfect symbiosis. Not having to delete the bold colors of Christmas and high-end quality elements and pieces decorating living rooms, dining rooms around the globe is a requirement. At the same time, people repurposed their values and rethought what is more important in the spaces where we share important moments. So, a little bit of minimalism has to be delicately reflected in Christmas environments.


Christmas Decorating Trends

Christmas Decorating TrendsFeaturing Sequoia Center Table that represents one of the biggest and tallest trees in the world. Just like the tree, this table is a force of nature.
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Classic Blue is the Color of the year – Christmas Decorating Trends

Naval ambiances are here since last Christmas but in 2020 has a new meaning. Classic Blue is the color of the year elected by Pantone and we are delighted to know that we can use it as much as we want in Christmas Decoration.

Blue is such a calm color! It vibrates high and calm, just like the Christmas season.


Christmas Decorating Trends

Christmas Decorating Trends
Featuring Kansas Dining Chair. This chair is a tribute to some cowboys courage; they rode from Texas to Kansas year after year despite all the dangers. 
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Iguazu Armchair: inspired by the Iguazu Falls that lay between Argentina and Brazil. This chair transmits the same strength and power of these waterfalls.
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Hope you have liked this article, we will come up with more trends and insights on this topic. Keep up with us for more news and trending issues around Interior Design and Architecture.

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