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Asprey London Presents Its New Products At London Design Festival

Asprey London Presents Its New Products At London Design Festival ⇒ Asprey London was founded in 1781 by William Asprey and was originally based in Mitcham, Surrey until the company moved into its current New Bond Street premises. From its central London location, Asprey advertised ‘articles of exclusive design and high quality’, whether for personal adornment or personal accompaniment and to endow with richness and beauty the table and homes of people of refinement and discernment. Decor and Style brings you the newest products by the iconic brand, presented at the London Design Festival.

Animal Head Decanters

Asprey London Presents Its New Products At London Design Festival

Asprey’s animal head decanters have become widely recognised for their craftsmanship and as a novel addition to the bar. Expertly modelled by Asprey’s in-house craftsmen, each three-dimensional animal head stopper is produced in sterling silver and fitted upon a series of hand-blown, crystal decanters. The immaculately detailed stoppers capture the distinctive curves and intricate features of each animal and are unique in form due to their handmade nature. The special edition blue and green crystal decanters are melted only four times a year, with an extremely difficult production process, resulting in only 10% or less of the final product reaching the Asprey standard of perfection. The latest addition, the lion, is the first big cat to feature in the collection. Asprey’s animal head decanters perfectly illustrate the standards of the workshops, housed above the Bond Street store.

The Asprey Cocktail Trolley

Asprey London Presents Its New Products At London Design Festival

In celebration of over eighty years of creating exceptional barware, Asprey is pleased to introduce the Art Deco Cocktail Trolley, an original design derived from the archives of 1935, the height of this fashionable time. The Trolley demonstrates the skills of Asprey’s Master silversmiths, housed in the work-shops above the New Bond Street store, taking over 150 hours to complete. The silver-plated and tempered glass trolley exudes Art Deco glamour and showcases special design touches such as the Asprey “A” and a bullskin handle. Available only ever as a bespoke commission, the Art Deco Trolley is now a permanent feature of Asprey’s Barware collection, a stunning centrepiece for any room.


The Asprey Londoner

Asprey London Presents Its New Products At London Design Festival

The Asprey Londoner luggage collection is manufactured in England by Globe-Trotter. Luxury and durability meet in this four-piece collection of beautifully practical suitcases and trolleys. Every detail and aspect of this luggage collection has been designed from colour and finish to selecting the metals used on the fittings. The size and shape of the rivets and nails were also carefully selected as well as the signature Asprey lock that fastens most Asprey leather products. All the cases are lined with chic durable cotton with a leather hand stamped Asprey label. The hand-stitched calf corners are chosen to match the classic stripe of the removable webbed luggage straps that secure the suitcases. The moulded Vulcan fibreboard, used by Globe-Trotter over 100 years, creates an extraordinary strong structure while the metallic finish of the exterior gives the pieces a modern sheen. Available in two colourways: metallic purple with hand stitched purple calf trim, and shaded crosshatch black with oxidized metallic corners and black calf leather trim. All pieces may be personalised. The Asprey Londoner collection contains four luggage options/sizes: trolley 18”, 21” and suitcase 28”, 30”.

Barware Collection

Asprey London Presents Its New Products At London Design Festival

Since the golden age of cocktails, Asprey has been mastering the art of sophisticated barware, producing the same iconic designs and new modern interpretations to the current day. The 1920’s and 30’s were a successful and defining time for Asprey. Having fully embraced the new style, Art Deco, the designs reflected new energy and originality that came in the form of fun shakers and barware accompaniments. Asprey’s catalogues of this era were beautiful anthologies of barware collections, still used today by the in-house designers drawing inspiration for the next in the series. Today, Asprey is still renowned for creating a range of unique and quirky cocktail shakers made in sterling silver such as the Rocket, Lighthouse, Aeroplane, Bobsleigh with enamel or engraved detailing. The latest additions to the Asprey sterling silver cocktail shaker collection, includes the Racing Car and Pagoda, both modern, playful and imaginative interpretations of Asprey’s barware offering.

The Lion Collection

Asprey London Presents Its New Products At London Design Festival

Distinguished for producing unique silver pieces that pair upstanding craftsmanship with extraordinary design, Asprey is pleased to present the new Lion Collection. Expertly modelled by Asprey’s in-house craftsmen who have created all of the other animal head designs, the regal lion motif is applied across a series of contemporary dining and barware pieces. Taking 16 hours to complete, the three-dimensional lion head captures the distinctive curves and details of the striking lion, such as the intricate features of the animal’s mane and eyes. The same detail is used to create the feet and tail which are cast by Asprey’s expert silversmiths in the London workshops, housed above the flagship store. The sculpted lion feet are cleverly used to support the base of the sterling silver Coaster Set, the Wine and Champagne Coaster and the Gallery Tray. The Biscuit Barrel took over 77 hours to create, with lion tail detail which acts as a functional handle. The accompanying Decanter, featuring an immaculately placed lion head stopper lends an incredibly elegant, yet whimsical finesse that completes Asprey’s latest silver offering.


Source: Asprey London

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