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5 Elegant Living Room Ideas

The living room is a gathering place for friends and family to come together and bond. There are many design ideas for such an important room. An elegant living room shows class and style. These elegant living room ideas are sophisticated, graceful and chic, perfect for anyone looking to bring these elements into the very important living room space.

Touches of pattern

DORCHESTER_CAM_2Add subtle hints of elegance with pattern and shapes that are defined and regal. This living room space has beautiful and dramatic drapes. They are a light, neutral colour in design with a paisley type pattern which looks royal. The sitting chair flows well with the drapes, dramatic in itself with is unique, elegant design. The throw pillow on the chair continues the same pattern as the drapes, and the unique rounded design seems to add a touch of class itself.

Dramatic lighting

w1108_131107_untitled_lowres-7Lighting is important in any room, but lighting isn’t just a necessity, it can create the mood of a room, adding great design and appeal. The lighting in this room does just that. The two chandeliers are large and dramatic. The candle holders are the epitome of class and elegance, adding much drama to the room. The lighting décor doesn’t stop there. The designer chose to implement four large and also dramatic lamps. The lamps have a dark brown lamp shade, with hanging decorative drop down pieces which hang from the center of each lamp. The colour, along with the added décor element, is bold and dramatic. Overall these lighting choices create this elegant living room.

Modern elegance

w1108_Manser_Private_House_Fishbourne_-_Hufton_Crow_008Looking for sleek, modern, and minimalist design fit with elegance? This room displays all of these qualities and more. The colour palette of browns and whites feel elegant and clean. The floor to ceiling windows are statement pieces and make the room dramatic. Heavy, white drapes also add elegance to the room. Lastly the furniture, modern and sleek, ensures the room stays minimalist in theme and elegant in style.  Dark brown throw pillows, matching the dark wood floors, finish the look.

Textured walls

ZELLIGE_LINENBe different with living room design and introduce elegance by adding gorgeous, textured wall paper. This wall paper makes the room, making the room feel like a grand room in a royal home. The wall paper is neutral in colour, which is great as it ensures the print doesn’t look too busy and overpowering. The colours used are creams with an almost iridescent gold, a definite colour of elegance. The pattern is a grand, rich, large paisley type pattern, which just feels like it drips with elegance. To finish the look, a unique chair is used, with a small round table holding a group of candle holders, gold of course. The end result is the perfect elegant living room.


Shades of blue

SABI_JEWELBlue is a very bold colour full of personality. Deep shades of blue are often associated with royalty, and elegance, and the colour in this room does just that. The wall paper introduces pattern with  its blue/green paisley design. Colour continues with two bold, beautiful sitting chairs. The chairs are blue velvet, a fabric of class and elegance. Set next to a white fireplace, the use of blues in this room creates elegance.

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