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3 Statement Chairs to Make your Home Stand Out in 2013

As with many things, interior design is something that is in the eye of the beholder and we will each have our own ideas about how we wish to decorate our homes. There are, however, pervading ideas when it comes to home decoration as a whole and in 2013 at least, many anticipate that statement pieces of furniture to be most homeowner’s must-have lists.

If you’re planning on revamping the interior design of your property over the next twelve months and you’re really seeking that stand-out, eye-catching piece of designer furniture to become the focal point of a room, you’re in look because there are some fantastic designers who have created some mesmerising and exceptionally comfortable pieces of furniture that will completely change the look and feel of any home.

Let’s take a look at three pieces of designer furniture that are set for a big year in 2013:


Eero Aarnio Ball Chair

ball for chair, furniture plastic, chairs, bedroom chairs, office chairs, ergonomic office chairs, designer chairs

Chances are you will have seen this stunning piece of designer furniture before because it was once described by the New York Times as being “the most comfortable” chair and has been popular in interior design circles for many years now.

If you’re after a piece of statement furniture, there will be few that tick more boxes than the Ball Chair from Eero Aarnio because it will instantly draw the eye and become the focal point for any room you choose to locate it. Not only this, the Ball Chair is famed for its level of comfort and you will be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable piece of designer seating on the market.

It is astounding to think that the Ball Chair was first released way back in 1966 because it looks just as good in today’s contemporary homes as it did in homes over 40 years ago – something which is testament to the timeless appeal of this stunning piece of statement furniture from Finnish designer Eero Aarnio.


Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair

ball for chair, furniture plastic, chairs, bedroom chairs, office chairs, ergonomic office chairs, designer chairs
Boasting a similar look to the unusual looking Ball Chair, Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair is an equally as iconic piece of designer furniture which define a generation and has gone on to become one of the world’s most popular and commonly sought pieces of high-end designer furniture. This exceptionally stylish piece was first designed by Jacobsen in 1958 and was commissioned by a hotel in the designer’s home town of Copenhagen to be placed in their lobby.

Safe to say, the Jacobsen Egg Chair is something that was quite unlike almost any other piece of designer furniture that was about at the tail-end of the 1950’s and this unusual design is certainly something that helped Jacobsen’s furniture to stand out. Due to the highly stylised and modern nature of Arne Jacobsen furniture, he became one of the most impressive furniture designers of his generation and the Egg Chair stands out as a beacon as one of his most iconic and celebrated pieces of designer furniture.

For a stand-out piece of furniture for your home in 2013, you will be onto a real winner with the Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair because it’s the sort of furniture which will look at home in more or less any room in your home. Obviously, it is particularly suited to rooms like a lounge or study but there is nothing to say that you couldn’t put one of these Egg Chairs into a bedroom, drawing room or library if you have one. It offers unparalleled style and sophistication and it is little wonder that the Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair has become such an important and favourite piece of interior designers.


Charles Eames RSR Rocking Chair

ball for chair, furniture plastic, chairs, bedroom chairs, office chairs, ergonomic office chairs, designer chairs

Charles Eames is another designer who was responsible for shaping the world of furniture design as we know it today. Along with his wife, Ray, this American designer was responsible for creating some of the most iconic pieces of furniture of the mid-20th Century. A fine example of his eye-catching work is the RSR Rocking Chair pictured which he first designed in 1948 and has gone on to become one of his most celebrated pieces of designer furniture.

The Charles Eames RSR Rocking Chair will serve as the perfect piece of statement furniture for a lounge, conservatory or sitting room and you can see from the picture just how well it integrates with other, larger pieces of furniture.

Many homeowners are often unsure about introducing unusual pieces of furniture into their home but by starting with relatively understated or common pieces like the Eames RSR Rocking Chair will allow you to build up to pieces which make more of a design statement like the Aarnio Ball Chair or Jacobsen Egg Chair mentioned earlier.

2013 will be all about making a statement with your choices of furniture and if you’re prepared to think outside of the box a little and opt for pieces that are a little unconventional, then any of the fantastically conceived and crafted pieces of designer furniture above will more than hit the spot.

 written by Leo Parker

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