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3 Bespoke Sofa Designs

3 Bespoke Sofa Designs that stand out from the crowd

3 Bespoke Sofa Designs that make a statement in any room. Modern and Contemporary sofa designs that impress with elegance and style are not easy to find. Although, we have been spotting some brands that caught our eye. We will show you bellow in our article 5 models of sofa that could be the one that stands out from the crowd! Do we need to say more?

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1. Mid-century modern sofas – 3 Bespoke Sofa Designs

Bespoke pieces are one of a kind because you can have all the design and still, adapt it to the corner or room you want to decorate. Mid-century high-end furniture is the kind of style everyone is talking about these days. So, one of our choices is Hermes from Brabbu.

This sofa was born with the God Hermes in mind. This God is the God of boundaries, travel, and communication.

Hermes Sofa

3 Bespoke Sofa Designs

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This beautiful piece is upholstered in cotton velvet and has its legs in Brass.


3 Bespoke Sofa Designs

This elegant and cozy ambiance is one of our favorites but this sofa can be made in so many different colors that the possibilities for Interior Decoration are close to infinite.



2. A Chaise Long makes any corner a nicer place – 3 Bespoke Sofa Designs

Chaise Longs can be found in corners around houses or beautiful hospitality and retail projects. This is the piece that can transform any small area in a nicer place to be. Reading corners, extended living rooms, intimate entrances, the choice is yours.

Como Chaise Long

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This beautiful piece can make a difference to entry-ways, SPA´s, bathrooms, living rooms, offices, and so on. We found it so cool, elegant, and versatile at the same time, that we had to share it.


3. The contemporary coolest sofa – 3 Bespoke Sofa Designs

Oreas sofa is that piece that sparks up a place, we love that light blue color in this elegant design, but the truth is that you can personalize it to your favorite.

Oreas Sofa

5 Bespoke Sofa Designs

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Oreas pays tribute to the God of the Mountains. This amazing sofa is upholstered in soft cotton velvet and suits perfectly any living room.

Oreas Sofa

5 Bespoke Sofa Designs

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Hope you liked this article as much as we do. We will keep up posting on this subject during the season. 3 Bespoke Sofa Designs will not be the one on this theme. Also, we always try to keep on top of interior design trends and nothing brings us more joy than share it here.

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