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Top 2020 Fall trends

Top 2020 Fall trends to renovate your home

Top 2020 Fall trends to renovate your home! Today we are bringing to light some trends to watch and follow this year. Despite all the changes coming to us since March, we can find the way around and use our creativity to redefine what are the new trends and the new needs and desires. All we need is an extra dose of inspiration and motivation!

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Special Corners – Top 2020 Fall trends

These last months, special corners gain a new level of importance. First, they were a way to give an extra touch to some environments, now we know they can be extremely useful. Having an exterior area, a home office, or a reading corner has a renewed charm.

Begonia Armchair
Top 2020 Fall trends
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Top 2020 Fall trends
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Textures and colors – Top 2020 Fall trends

Textures and colors are the new way to give life to a room, even when you are planning in a minimalist environment. You know what? If you are trying to create a maximalist ambiance, great these two trends can be your best ally.

Well, on the other hand, if you want a minimalist space you can use some texture or colors on the textiles of living room sofas and pillows. This way you can give a small dose of attitude to that room.

Hermes Sofa

Top 2020 Fall trends

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Naj Bold Armchair
Top 2020 Fall trends
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Maximalism – Top 2020 Fall trends

Maximalism is one of our favorites for the new season. Playing with colors, furniture, space, and other elements can be awesome. Maximalism gains a new face this year and is like a celebrity inside Interior Design World. Everyone is talking about it. We truly love it and there are amazing ways to create maximalist environments with luxurious glamour.

KOI II Dinning Table

Top 2020 Fall trends

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Art: Homes can also be galleries – Top 2020 Fall trends

Art is that piece of the puzzle for the Top 2020 Fall trends. It easily gives some lines of personality to every room. It does not make any difference if we are talking about creating a commercial project, a hotel, or a home. Displayed art can also be as having our own galleries.

Top 2020 Fall trends


 Biophilic design

Biophilic design is appearing since last year on fall and summer trends. These last months were a reinforcement in this trend. Everyone is giving a new worth of having an exterior area or some greens inside their homes and ambiances in their daily lives.

Top 2020 Fall trends


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