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emblematic lighting projects

Tyson Lighting – Emblematic Lighting Projects

Tyson Lighting is a truly reference when it comes to brightening things up. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Tyson Lighting specialize in the supply, manufacture and project management of traditional, bespoke and contemporary pieces sourced from the most prominent design locations around the world. Decor & Style wanted to find out what’s behind such emblematic lighting projects and so that we spoke with Boca do Lobo, the brand that interviewd Andrew Gibson. Read on and get to know one of the UK leading lighting brands!

Boca do Lobo | Lamps

Being in love with what we do is always the key to achieve better results. Are these 50 years of experience in the world of lighting the result of a passionate work?

The last 3 generations of family have always been involved in the lighting industry, I expect the next 3 generations after me and beyond to also. We don’t just love the delivery of light into the venues and homes we design and supply but embrace all we meet along the way. Both the scientific and artistic appeal of lighting and how we can transform the lives of our clients by sympathetic and sometimes outrageous specifications is what keeps us motivated.

emblematic lighting projects
Private Residence in Manchester designed by Andrew Gibson

Do you have a favorite project or a favorite story behind one of your projects?

Obviously every project is important irrespective of scale but a particular highlight was a light art installation ‘Heavy Petal’ which I designed with Vinny Smith was particularly personally satisfying. We fabricated Raleigh BMX frames together to form  an X wing fighter from Star Wars, Light tubes to create lazer guns – visually it was amazing. To be recognized and lauded by International Technology magazine WIRED was high praise, but the real satisfaction came from hearing my Mothers reaction to them being on display in a Manchester sky scraper Atrium.

emblematic lighting projects
Private Residence in Manchester designed by Andrew Gibson

How important is a good chemistry between you and your clients to achieve better results?

Good chemistry is paramount as the creative juices flow between partners but also as the design process requires anticipation of each others expectations. Its like any relationship – honesty, transparency and love make up the focus but the ability to engage reverse gear should we be on the wrong page is essential to keeping our visions aligned.

eemblematic lighting projects
Private Residence designed by Alexandra Thompson

Keeping the essence of traditional and bespoke techniques, is one important aspect that makes Tyson Lighting stand out. However, to conquer such a demanding audience, is truly important to be informed about the latest trends on the field. How do you do this?

Working with dynamic suppliers like Boca Do Lobo where design isn’t particularly driven by fashion but by a literature of its own, is critical. Giving our clients the best options for their projects is where we need a good variety of trusted partners. We really succeed in our market by being able to tailor specifically to our own vision by having an in house design and manufacturing capacity. Visually our projects speak for themselves but our quality is celebrated by the repeat business we receive.

emblematic lighting projects
Private Residence designed by Alexandra Thompson

Choosing the right lighting piece for a certain space might seem an easy task. However, it takes a lot of time and attention to find the perfect option, in terms of design and functionality. Which advises you have for those who do not know how to start a challenge like this?

Don’t risk it, call the professionals and we will use our wealth of experience to getting it just right. Its called a niche for a reason, if it was easy everyone would be doing it, and they aren’t.

emblematic lighting projects
Charlotte Tilbury Headquarters in London by Tyson Lighting Design

The Clubhouse, in Liverpool, is one of our favorite projects. This imaginative, Hamptons inspired project embodies two incredible design pieces – The Crystal Glass Chandelier and The Balloon. Where did you draw your inspiration from for these two pieces?

The inspiration came from our client Paul Danson who comes from a background in Stage and screen set design, easy to see how his dramatic influence are still evident in his creativity. An eccentric client with a thirst for making a difference make Paul a pleasure to be around and to challenge our internal designers to industrialize his vision.

emblematic lighting projects
The Clubhouse in Liverpool designed by Paul Danson Imagineering


emblematic lighting projects
The Clubhouse in Liverpool designed by Paul Danson Imagineering

Is there any project Tyson Lighting would like to be a part of?

The development at Battersea Park Power station is incredibly diverse and exciting, and has been talked about being developed for some 20 years. We have a chance and we wont waste it!

emblematic lighting projects
Library, Leeds
Designer: Spatialized

 What do you expect for the next years?

We try not to second guess the future but remain agile to clients desires and demands, boring but true!emblematic lighting projectsDelightfull | Essentials Collection



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