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Top Grand House Designs – Some of the UK Most Inspiring Homes

More and more people are having a go at designing and building their own Grand House. All around the UK, houses of architectural wonder are springing up. We took a look at some of the best home designs the UK has to offer.


 Sliding House, Suffolk Grand House

Finished in 2009, this one of a kind house is on rails, allowing the roof to be moved and changed like a giant shell as the seasons change. The modular house, featuring a 20 tone moving wall and roof, combines local building design with modern living. The pick of the building is a glass living room, allowing the house to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding countryside. When the weather gets typically in climate, the shell can simply be positioned over the main house by rolling on its tracks.

 Stock Orchard Street, Islington

Grand House

Most people wouldn’t dream of building their home next to a busy rail link, but that’s just what Sarah Wigglesworth did. Not only did she design a house next to one of the busiest rail links into London, she designed a space for both home and office use. Unique environmentally low-impact materials were used, such as straw bale walls. Even the tower, a train spotter’s dream, acts as a revolutionary ventilation system. Drawing cool air from below, the tower improves air circulation, keeping the house cool in the summer.

 Hoo House, Suffolk
Grand House

Mimicking traditional local designs, Hoo House puts its own modern spin on the Suffolk country farmhouse. To maximize the dramatic effect of the living room, bedrooms and office space are bundled together in one half of the house, allowing a double-height living room, complete with central fireplace, to be the focal point of the house. Utilizing modern super-insulation, air source heat pumps and solar-thermal panels, Hoo House contributes 60% less carbon emissions than a standard UK new build home.

 Prickly Nut Wood, West Sussex
Grand House Grand House

Ben Law bought Prickly Nut Wood for £10 back in 1991. What was a pretty but rather useless woodland has been transformed into a sustainable coppicing business, with the cruck-framed house at the centre. With £30,000 worth of materials, priceless knowledge and skill, and help from volunteers and friends, Ben built the unique home in the woods where he now runs his business. As well as being a design inspiration, Ben Law runs workshops to teach people how to effectively manage woodland, as well as courses on woodwork.

 Hobbit House, Wales Grand House Grand House

Built into the side of a hill in Wales, Hobbit House balances aesthetic design with sustainable living. An estimated £3000 worth of materials and 1500 man hours (mainly volunteers and passers-by) contributed to the building of the unique structure. After 4 months of hard work, the home was complete, including solar panels, composting toilet and fresh water supply. Even the fridge is powered by the earth, using cold blasts of air which come from underground through the foundations.

Even the average person can aspire to live in a uniquely characterful building. Tools such as Rentify can help house hunters find an affordable but attractive home.

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