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Top 25 Modern Bar Stools

Picking the right bar stools can not only alter the ergonomics of your modern kitchen, but also add to the visual aesthetics as well. Considering the amount of time that we spend in the kitchen, it is imperative that you get the seating options spot on. That’s why having a bar or an island in the kitchen is pretty much a must.

There are numerous types of counter chairs you can choose from and the decision has to be based on the overall style of the décor. So let’s see how different types of stools integrate in different kitchen decors. Delight yourself with today’s  Top 25 modern bar stools.

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Remember Casablanca bar stools? Now bring it to the present time, add a modern touch and an explosion of color. The whole shape of the chair can give you the impression that you just walk into a 50’s or 60’s bar, on the other hand the golden base and feet of the Gilberto chair can made you feel that you are on a 50’s …very luxurious bar. The shape of the back support is made to endure and be comfortable, that could be translated into hours spent at the bar, enjoying a cocktail or two.

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