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Back Sheep

BlackSheep – The power of creative solutions

Blacksheep is an independent, international and award winning design agency that harnesses the power of creative ideas to help companies and their brands to achieve their objectives.

Back Sheep

Ten years ago, when two designers, Tim Mutton and Jo Sampson, thought they would start a business, just like that, no backing, no business training, no idea… The company was born out of belief and ambition. Belief that things could be done differently; less perspective, more experimental and bolder. They said “ the ambition, quite frankly, was just, well, why the hell not!?
Over the past ten years they developed an expert practice within the hospitality industry, collaborating with our clients to create iconic and remarkable projects.

They look at design solutions in an innovative and lateral way, generating stand out and successful projects for their clients. This seems to be the perfect recipe, why? They receive lots of nominations and prizes, like:

Jamie’s Italian -Angel London “Jamie Oliver – Islington is such a food part of London so it’s just perfect for Jamie’s Italian where our gorgeous affordable italian food in a stunning setting really does have something for everyone”

Cuckoo Club – Rock & Regal – “Wallpaper: Guide to London – One of the most in-demand destinations venues in the world”

Puro – Streamlining the Hotel Experience – ” Rune Askevold – We are told that talent creates its own opportunities, but it sometimes seems that intense passion creates not only opportunities, but its own talents.”

Playground – Exclusive Extravagance – ” George Panayiotou – All the drama and theatricality of Vegas show coupled with the exquisit opulence of a six star penthouse suite.”

Gillray’s – Quintessential English charm – ” Sophie Jones – Gillray’s makes me not only proud to be English, but excites that English food has barged its way back into the London food scene and is looking like it’s here to stay.”

Kismet, Park Hotel – Hyderabad’s Nocturnal Gem – “Night Fever 3 – Blacksheep’s design transports guests into a fantastical and escapist environment where respectful nods of the past – the artistic traditions of the hyderabad region – are seamlessly woven into and ultra-modern aesthetic reflecting the city’s high-tech present day.”

Waterford – Live a Crystal Life – “Pierre de Villemejane – Blacksheep has been a key contributor to the successful repositioning of our brands by visualising the specific identity of each brand and translating it into its unique retail/customer experience.”

Inamo – The future is Now – “John Soreell – In London’s soho there is a restaurant where the menus appear to be part of the table – you simply choose and touch, and the order goes trough the kitchen. It’s just part of the magic created by Blacksheep.”

Wedgwood & Bentley – A refined Reatail Solution – ” Pierre of Villemejane – We have seen at least a double digit growth in sales in every sigle store where the global retail solution has been implanted.”


They had no ideia where the first ten years would take them and they are excited to prospect of the next. They promisse to work with the same ambition and belief, we know blacksheep will continue to surprise, delight and deliver.

See everything about them at : http://blacksheep.uk.com/

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