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Best 5 Ways To Bring High-End Rustic Chic Into Your Home

Traditional is the new modern, old is the new contemporary – however you want to describe it, rustic chic is so fashionable that it’s well on its way to overtaking minimalistic modern-day design as the style of choice.


Whatever it is you love about rustic design, whether it’s the abundance of raw natural materials or the warmth that the colour schemes offer, this post should help you complete the design – running down five key ways to ensure your rustic renovation is a success.

1. Use Of Reclaimed Materials (Brick, Wood etc.)

Reclaimed materials are becoming increasingly easier to source, as waste companies are forced to look at sustainable options for disposing of leftover building materials. Anything that can be salvaged, such as brick, wood, concrete or stone, can easily be used again.

S House by KO+KO Architects02

Construction companies often use reclaimed materials as a low-cost alternative to new products, but where things like salvaged brick and wood can really come into their own is when creating classic, rustic looks in your home. Not only are they a really affordable option, but the look they offer is second to none; the bare, ‘distressed’ look of reclaimed brick is something you can’t achieve with brand new materials.


2. Create Your Own ‘Upcycled’ Furniture

Upcycling may be a modern trend, but the overall effect it has on your traditional design scheme can be wonderfully and genuinely rustic. Upcycling is effectively the use of everyday, redundant products that are transformed into unique pieces of furniture – it could be something as simple as using old wooden pallets and turning them into tables, or something really adventurous and ostentatious like upcycling an old piano into a desk/workstation.

upcycling furniture

All you need to do is ensure that the materials you use fit your rustic design, that the changes aren’t anything too jarring or drastic (there are some really adventurous upcycling pieces out there!) and that it really helps to bring your rustic home all together.


3. Incorporate Natural Materials Where Possible

Where you get your materials and your furniture from is completely up to you, your budget and the look you’re trying to create, but there are a few golden rules of overall style that are really key to achieving that perfect rustic feel. One of those all-important rules is what materials you use, as they will have the biggest impact on the overall feel of your home or the room you’re renovating.

moss walls

Stick with natural materials where possible, as this is one of the most important aspects of traditional rustic design. Whether it’s unfinished wood, natural stone work surfaces or classic quarry tiling, opting for ‘raw’ natural materials is sure to make your renovation a success.


4. Open Fireplaces – But You Can Cheat!

If there’s one thing that conjures up the image of a warm, inviting traditional home it’s the thought of a roaring, crackling and comfortable open fire. If you have an existing chimney in your home (or even better, an original fireplace as well!) then it’s time to take advantage of it! Make it a focal point of the room, and get in plenty of wood as fuel – there’s nothing quite like the warmth of a real fire in your home.


If you’re not lucky enough to have a chimney and fireplace already in your home, then there are plenty of gas-fuelled fireplaces that look just as good but can easily be installed anywhere in your home. All that’s left is for you to design a fireplace surround that looks just as good as the real thing – no-one will be able to tell the difference, or that you’ve ‘cheated’!


5. Include Large Statement Items Of Furniture

Whereas contemporary interior design is all about minimalism, sleek furniture and subtle appearances, traditional and rustic designs are more about large, eye-catching statement items. Whether it’s large expanses of brick or big, chunky wooden furnishings, there’s nothing minimalist about rustic interior design!


There are a number of different options for eye-catching furniture for every room of your rustic home – it all depends on which room you’re trying to re-design with tradition in mind, and what your own personal tastes are. Choices could include a large four-poster bed in your bedroom, big wooden farmhouse-style doors for your front and back doors, or a traditional freestanding bath in your bathroom. Whatever you choose, it’s all about drawing the eye!

This guest post was written by Tom McShane – home design blogger, nostalgically traditional and writer for Cawarden Reclaim, who specialized in a variety of salvaged materials including reclaimed bricks. Tom recommends the use of reclaimed materials for creating a truly authentic rustic look – whether your project is a small home design or a larger, more commercial building. – Exclusive Decor&Style –


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