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5 Step Guide to Make the Kitchen the Heart of Your Home

In times gone by, the kitchen was regarded as the heart of the home where the family would congregate after a day out at work and school to eat an evening meal and discuss the events of the previous few hours. With many of us now leading busier lifestyles and enhancements in technology leading to families spending less time together, the kitchen can now, in many households, only be seen as a room where food is prepared and the empty plates are returned once family members have eaten.


This change in the use of the kitchen in your home can be counteracted however and by following the five step guide detailed below, you can make the kitchen a room you and your family enjoy spending time together in and, as such, sees it become the heart of your home once more;

Give the Decor a Fresh Lease of Life

Dated decor and reduced use of a room go hand in hand, so giving the decor in your kitchen a refresh will give it the new lease of life that makes it an attractive and appealing space again. Anything from new surfaces, cabinets or tiles through to a change to the colour scheme can make a significant difference to the aesthetic appeal of the whole room and in turn make the room into somewhere you enjoy spending time in.


Incorporate Plenty of Seating

If you want your family to spend time in the kitchen whilst you are preparing the evening meal or you wish for your friends to congregate in the kitchen when you invite them over for drinks, you need to make sure there is plenty of seating available to encourage this. There are many different seating options available for kitchens today that can be introduced in line with your available space, so from a table and chairs to stools and fold up seating, there is no reason not to incorporate plenty of seating to get everyone back into the kitchen.


Natural Lighting

People will generally congregate in a space that is open, airy and subject to plenty of natural lighting, so be sure this is the case, where possible, in your kitchen. If the layout of your house allows for it, a skylight or roof lantern can be a great addition within the kitchen as they allow natural light to flood in. If you are somewhat restricted, the colour scheme you choose will play a big part in how open the room feels, so keep things light and simple with a cream for instance, whilst introducing numerous spot lights in the ceiling is a great way of creating seemingly natural lighting throughout the room.


Warm and Inviting Environment

Whilst attempting to keep things light and airy, it is important to ensure the space is still warm and inviting to encourage your family to spend more time in the kitchen. A large traditional oven that gives off plenty of heat is an effective way of achieving this and will go a long way to creating the cosy, family feel you associate with kitchens of years gone by. If space or budget does not accommodate for this however, a more contemporary technique in the form of underfloor heating can quickly bring heat to a room at the touch of a button, creating an incredibly inviting environment in doing so.


Cook Good, Homely Food

Whilst your lifestyle may not have allowed for it before, the kitchen will be seen more as the heart of the home by your family if they can associate it with good, homely food. The smell of sumptuous food emanating around the house is an attractive proposition for any household and will ultimately draw people in to its source, where you can then sit around the table together to enjoy a family meal.

In five steps, you have just made the kitchen the heartbeat of your home once more and created a space where conversions are rife and your family enjoy spending time together. A win-win situation all round as you get great use out of the room at the same time as bringing your family together in the process!


This post was written by blogger Oliver Kyle who effectively implemented this five step plan in the kitchen of his home, including the addition of new tiles from Trade Price Tiles, to make the space the heart of the home once again and a room where his family now spend considerably more time.
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